1CONZEPT do not just sell a product – we have always annualized the market and creates idea based on that.

Our expertise is to act quickly and effectively while offering something more than just a product.

We want to make sure, the produkt gives value and quality of life for our customers and the produkt is adapted chains are offering and marketing.

We want to know about our customers, they’re stores, concepts and of course they’re needs.
We will provide good input on how a product is marketed properly in catalogs, websites and stores.
We will make sure that there is “only” sold a lot, but this of course is inserted into a concept that provides value and experience.

When we are experts in finding gifts for the whole family, it’s because we have thought the idea from concept to sales through and therefore knows what mechanisms which exist as a product to sell.

It’s always about the right price and quality – and the part can obviously find with us – but in addition, you also get the idea, marketing and concept … right down to the store shelf level if you wish.

We have a large range of products in many categories – all of which are in close cooperation with customers.

Common to all products, however, that these are not just products, but they fit into 1conzept …
– At 1CONZEPT we do not just find a product.

We believe that we are very good at inventing a NEED that no one knew before, that they had….
For instance, one of our greatest strengths in terms of sales, is the concept of:

  • Gifts for him OR her, who does not have any wishes.

Here we have make sure to give the products a story and a “soul”, which will often produce a smile.

Therefore these gifts are perfect as a gift for the host or hostess, and will be remembered – and kept – long after the flowers have faded and the wine bottle is empty.

At 1CONZEPT we are trying to become a supplier with ideas that will make people think…

“Why have not we thought of this before …”