LUDO QUIZ GENERATIONS published in September 2017 in Denmark.
New and challenging way to play ludo and quiz with friends and family. The game board is built like ordinary ludo – but on the fields there is decades from 1960 until today, with related questions.

There is these years in the game:
– 1960’s
– 1970’s
– 1980’s
– 1990’s
– 2000’s
– 2010’s
You can get questions in different categories such as sports, history, politics, music, movies and more. See examples below on questions for the game:

LUDO QUIZ Family has 2 different game boards. This one is to 4 persons:

The other side of the game boards is to 6 persons:

UDO QUIZ GENERATIONS is nominated to the game of the year 2017 to adults.