It does not get better: The combination of the classic ludo with a lot of quiz questions, for adults and children, makes this game unique in its design. Roll the dice lands on a category and answer the question – or not … Who will reach the goal with her two pieces? Luck, knowledge and competition combined in a game for the whole family.

Family game of the year 2014

New 2017 edition with new questions and design.

We have made a big improvement of the severity of children questions.
Young people from 10 years has now better chance to win and answer the questions.

We have also added and changed many of the adult questions without changing the gameplan.


Original edition from 2014 to 2017:
LUDO QUIZ - Æske 3 - med logo
Examples of game cards here – Ludo Quiz.

If you need rules to the game, or would you like to know more about how you play Ludo Quiz family, then you can download the rules here.

Ludo Quiz comes now with two game boards – a “normal” and a shorter lane, so if you want an even more action-oriented game that can be played faster,  it is perfect to use the new board.

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