What is 1CONZEPT?

At 1CONZEPT, we do not just sell a product! We always analyze the market, and develop ideas and concepts based on that.

We take pride in being able to act quickly and effectively, while still being able to offer more than just a product.
We aim at making sure that our products create value and quality of life for our customers. This is why we are able to adapt them, in order to meet the need and demands of the chains and consumers.

We always seek to know more about our customers, their stores, concepts, needs, and of course, their consumers. By doing so, we can provide valuable input on how to promote the product properly in their catalogs, websites, and stores. We make sure that the product fits into a concept, which provides value for the consumers.

We have not only thought about the right price and quality but also how the idea and concept should be promoted. From a catalog to the store shelf, we have thought about it, and are ready to spar with you on how to make them stand out.

Our large range of products that span over many categories is made in close cooperation with our customers.
Common to all of our products is that they fit into “1CONZEPT”.

When the idea behind a concept is created and developed, the products are adapted so that they can fit into a series. Hence, we put a lot of resources in the process to make sure that the products have the right quality and packaging.

All of our products are developed in close cooperation with customers. Either as a private label or in 1CONZEPT’s own brands. None of the products are presented without having a story behind it, in order to optimize the sales of the concepts and products. We also ensure that the products are being supported by complementary products that can support the sales.

We are constantly developing new concepts and ideas, and we aim at being first-movers on the products.

You can see the products that we are working with here:

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