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Corporate Social Responsibility.
We mainly operate with just-in-time production based on our customer’s specific requests, which contributes to a more conscious perspective and managing of production, freight, and its influence on our environment.

We prioritize FSC paper for our products, and always present this option to our customers.

We choose options with less or fewer packaging in relation with transporting our cargo from eastern supplier, and furthermore to our European customers. Our overall aim is to avoid unnecessary packaging.

We choose to work with a freight company, that has a greener and environmentally friendly approach. Furthermore, we make sure to arrange transport in a matter that has a smaller impact – to the extent possible.

We comply with our customers’ CSR politics and requests for e.g., choice of materials and packaging.

We donate to charity causes, such as Hjerteforeningen and Kræftens bekæmpelse.

 We actively work to improve our own working environment in a way that continuously creates value to employees and customers.


Vi følger BSCI standard og forsøger at vælge kun fabrikker, der har en sådan aftale.

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